checkpoints-logoI was going to give this app a few more days, but I just don’t have that kind of patience! After about a week, I deleted it.

How it Works

CheckPoints gives you points for doing simple tasks. Scan a barcode during your shopping trip and receive anywhere from 5 to 25 points. Watch a movie trailer, 1 point. Fill out a survey, as many as 270 points. You get the idea.

When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for a gift card at Target or Amazon or WalMart. 335 points will get you $1 on Amazon. 340 points will get you $1 at Target or WalMart. There are other options, but those are my favorites.

Getting Started

CheckPoints was simple to download from the app store. I started the sign-up process and that’s where I got stuck. I like every advantage that I can get, so if something says enter promo code, I’ll Google a promo code. This time I entered a promo code for 1,000 free points. I was promised a confirmation code via text message within a few minutes. I waited and waited and waited, but no code. So, I continued on without the free points. 21 hours later, I received a text message! By then it was too late, you can’t enter a code once you move on.

Things started out pretty well. I received 10 points for filling out a quick About Me survey. 50 more for completing my profile. A few more for watching 2-minute movie trailers. You get a point for each trailer. If you try and do a survey and fail to qualify, you sometimes get 5 points anyway. Wahoo, 83 points so far!

Earning Points

The real way you earn points is through shopping. CheckPoints gives you a list of participating stores and a shopping list. While you’re there, you scan items and get points.I did this a few times with mixed results. The first time I was supposed to scan a bottle of vodka at my local Walgreens. The task would have worked out fine, except my Walgreens doesn’t sell alcohol. So much for that.

The second time I was shopping at Target and had a few items on the list. I found the paper plates and the vodka. An easy 50 points. I was supposed to get 5 points for ANY milk item, but none of the barcodes were accepted by the app. I tried three or four different brands and none of them worked.

The same thing happened to me with cake mix at Whole Foods. The app said ANY cake mix, but NONE of the mixes on the shelf worked!

Cashing In

I needed to see how the cash-in process worked so I watched A LOT of movie trailers and failed to qualify for A LOT of surveys. I finally reached 335 points and received my $1 Amazon credit code without a problem. I spent about an hour getting those points so a buck is a disappointing payout, to say the least.

Bottom Line

To be fair I’m going to list the pluses and the minuses of this app, but really pay attention to the minuses because there are some things that I just couldn’t fit into my narrative that really made me angry.
The pluses:
  • It is possible to earn money, albeit, slowly.
  • Limited work time. If you’re already at the store, scanning the product is no problem.
  • I was paid quickly.
  • I like some of the partners, like Target, Amazon and Walmart.
  • There are some hacks, like scanning products for another store at the one you’re at.
  • I really like the mascot. When it’s processing, it does a little hula hoop dance.
The minuses:
  • It takes FOREVER to earn a buck.
  • Sometimes the item you’re supposed to scan isn’t there or it doesn’t scan correctly.
  • Emails every day.
  • Pop-ups that look like they are part of the app, but are actually third-party ads that want your information. There’s no telling the difference between the two. Scary stuff.
  • Location settings are either on or off. There’s no, only while the app is in use. So you either let it track you ALL the time or have to turn it on whenever you want to use the app.

Bottom line, there are better shopping and scanning apps out there like iBotta.

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