Ibotta App IconIn my efforts to find ways to make money from home while dragging a child or two around with me, there was one app that I came across consistently. IBotta is a mobile coupon service and the best one I’ve run across so far.
You start out by shopping at your local big box store or supermarket. After the trip, you open up the IBotta app and look for the products you purchased. If they’re on the app, you can redeem them for cash. You usually get a $0.25 bonus for shopping at that store as well. When you’ve loaded all the qualifying offers, you tap the redeem button and that money is added to your IBotta balance.
There is, of course, some verification you have to go through before you get the money. For example, once you click redeem, IBotta will ask you to take pictures of your entire receipt. You may also be asked to scan the barcodes of the items you purchased. It takes a day or two for confirmation.IMG_1710
The cool thing about the app is that it has rebates for a lot of the places I normally shop. My local grocery store, as well as Target and Amazon.
I don’t know for sure, but I assume IBotta makes its money because people like me choose an item listed on IBotta over our usual purchase. In this instance, brand loyalty goes out the window for things like butter or cheese. (I like Sargento. I like Kraft. Sargento advertises on IBotta, so I’ll buy that instead.)
You won’t get rich using IBotta, but I think of it like coupon clipping. I shop like I normally do and if I buy something that happens to qualify, yippee! In just a two week span, I made $16.28. That’s including a $10 sign up bonus. Like I said, not a huge amount of money, but it will help pay for my Diet Coke habit.

The Bottom Line

The pluses:
  • The app features a number of stores that I shop at and a number of items that I buy regularly.
  • The app itself is easy to navigate.
  • In some instances, you can buy generic brands and still get a rebate. For example, ANY loaf of bread will get you $.50.
IMG_1514The minuses:
  • It’s not a huge amount of money, though I didn’t really expect much.
  • There’s a $20 minimum before you can withdraw. Once you withdraw, you can get paid through PayPal, Venmo or a gift card.
  • I assume they’re tracking my data and using it to tell companies about my buying methods.
  • It takes some time for your redemption to be approved. A day or two for stores, longer for online purchases, say through Amazon.
IBotta is super easy to use even if you have a kid or two with you. You’re just shopping like normal, so if you’re able to shop with your kids, you can use IBotta. I plan to keep using it for now and will let you know if anything changes.

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