IMG_1864This is part two, so if you haven’t read part one on grocery delivery yet, I suggest you do. If you have, yay and welcome back!
The FLEX app works the same whether you’re doing grocery delivery or package delivery. You reserve a shift, and the app directs you to a pick-up location.

Earning Money

This time around, I went to a distribution facility about 10 miles away. I checked in and was directed to a pick-up spot. About 50 packages were stacked in front of the spot. I used the app to scan the packages, loaded them in the car and I was on my way.

The app directed me to a neighborhood about 12 miles away. Once I arrived it was a lot of stops, sometimes four or five on the same street. The app directs you from house to house, which is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, it helps you map things out. On the other, the Amazon mapping system isn’t as efficient as it could be, so I found myself doubling back a couple times.
During each stop, you put the package on the doorstep, take a picture and then leave. I tried to hide the packages because I’m personally scared of package thieves, but it’s your call.IMG_1903
I delivered to about 40 houses in total. I completed my first shift with about 30 minutes to spare and headed home early. I made $81 for 3 hours of work. Totaling $27/hour. I drove about 35 miles, much better than the 100 miles I drove for grocery delivery.
I did run into a snag during the shift. I ended up with one extra package that wasn’t in my app. Luckily, I was close by, so I delivered it without a problem.
I have done delivery a few times since and in both instances I ended up with extra packages. I had to call Amazon support, which helped me add the package to my route. The trouble is the addition causes confusion with the app’s mapping system and messes up your route. You find yourself driving around in circles even more. Your other option is returning the package to the distribution center, which is usually a longer drive than just delivering it.

The Bottom Line

The pluses:
  • The money is good. While I made $27/hour the first time, since then, the average pay for a shift like this is now much less, about $20/hour.
  • There’s a lot less driving that Amazon grocery delivery. While I haven’t tried it yet, I imagine it’s less driving than DoorDash, Lyft and Uber.
The minuses:
  • Finding a shift is tough. The pay is good, so lots of people want the shifts.
  • The app’s mapping function needs some work. More than a few times, I ended up back on the same street that I was just on.
  • Those accidental extra packages added some hiccups to my route.
Bottom line, the pay isn’t as great as grocery delivery, but it’s still pretty good and there’s a lot less driving. As with grocery delivery, if you have older kids that you can leave in the car or at home, this is a great job. If you have to take your kids out of the car during each delivery, not as ideal.

Tricks and Tips for Driving for Amazon Delivery

If you do try out delivery, here are a few tricks to make things easier.Amazon Package Pick Up

  • When you pick up, scan the bags that hold the packages, it automatically registers all the packages inside the bag.
  • Being organized helps. If you put packages together by street, it will make finding the package you need to deliver easier.
  • The grouping also helps you determine if you have an extra package accidentally, so you can get them added to your route ahead of time. You can also prevent doubling back that way.
  • The more consistent you are with delivery (i.e. on time, accurate, no lost packages) the more shifts are available to you. I started consistently delivering on Fridays and now Amazon tries to reserve that shift for me.

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