Fresno_courthouse_jury_box_california courts newsroomOkay, so it’s not a real jury, more like an ideal way to do jury duty if there ever was one. No standing in line, no uncomfortable waiting rooms, and no specific time you have to show up. The problem is, there were also no juries, at least not in my area.

Getting Started

I signed up for eJury in September, which is about four months before I wrote the inital review. The concept is a really cool one. Lawyers want to try their cases before a sample jury before they actually head to court. They use eJury to figure out how potential jurors would respond to their case. That’s good in concept.

Why it Didn’t Work

In the four months that I tried to use eJury, there was never a pending case available for me to weigh in on. You’re only allowed to see juries in the county you live in, so I have no clue if other counties have more trials available. I checked on multiple occasions and the list of available cases in my area never changed. I live in a fairly large county, Santa Clara County, California, so you would imagine the pool of cases on a given day would be large. Case Lists Page
In fairness, there could be a few reasons why I never found a case.
    1. Timing. It’s possible I just checked at the wrong times and missed when juries were posted. (I’m pretty sure this is not the case because the list of closed cases never changed.)
    2. It takes a specific set of circumstances to make it onto eJury. Looking at the closed cases, I would guess that you need a large case with a lot at stake such as a multi-million dollar lawsuit or a murder trial to use eJury. You would also need a client that can afford to pay a jury consultant.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, I think eJury would be a great work at home job for a stay-at-home parent, if you could actually get on a jury. I’m not really sure there are all that many juries available though, so I’m not going to recommend it.

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