Like many of the apps I have tested for this experiment, WeGoLook pays you to complete tasks for companies that simply don’t have the manpower to do it.

Finding Looks

WeGoLook Far Away LooksI signed up in October but wasn’t able to schedule an actual “look” until February. Part of this is because of scheduling issues on my part, but a larger part is because many of the “looks” were too far away and the number of “looks” in my area were few and far between.
Over the course of four months, I received about 30 “look” opportunities. However, most of these looks were 25-30 miles away. If you know the Bay Area, you know that this actually amounts to an hour drive one-way. That’s certainly not worth the $20 the “look” would pay.
Just last week, I finally found a look that was close by and fit into my schedule. I was tasked with calling a local auto body shop and scheduling a time to take pictures of accident damage. The pay was $20.

Completing the Look

WeGoLook is actually pretty thorough in the information it provides. You are given a location, contact person, contact information and details about the item you’ll be asked to look at. I called and had no problem talking to the contact person, who knew what I was talking about and was happy to accommodate me. We scheduled a time for me to complete the “look” and I was off and running.
When I arrived at the location, I met with the contact person, who took me right to the vehicle. I was given free reign to complete my “look”. I snapped a few (okay, a lot) of photos and submitted the “look” within 20 minutes of arriving.WeGoLook Sample Picture
The WeGoLook app requires specific photos throughout the process, but each photo is described clearly and concisely with sample images within the app to guide you. I was able to take the required photos without contacting support.

Bottom Line

The pluses:
  • Solid communication. Since this is all done through an app, there’s the opportunity for vagueness, but WeGoLook is very good at communicating what it wants and when.WeGoLook Tech Support
  • Support for lookers is good, I think. I never had to use support, so I can’t speak to this directly, however, the app gives you a number of options including call, email and text to get support. Few apps give you a text option.
  • Pay is good for the work. $20 for 20 minutes.
  • I was paid quickly, within a week.
The minuses:
  • Finding looks isn’t easy, at least in my area. There aren’t ones available every day. Finding looks that are close by is even harder.
  • This is not baby or kid-friendly. I was at an auto body shop which means the potential for a lot of cars driving around and a lot of tools being used.
  • This is not an immediate job. I chose a “look” on Thursday but had to wait until Monday to complete it.
Overall, WeGoLook is a great way to snag some extra cash if you can find a “look”, but it’s not a stream of income to rely on. If you have kids who are older and can stay in the car for 20 minutes safely, then it’s an easy way to make money. If you have younger ones, you’re better off choosing something else.

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