BestMark_LogoThere are a handful of mystery shopping companies out there (Market Force, Sinclair Customer Metrics and Intelli-shop) and each of them seem to have a theme when it comes to clientele. For BestMark, a large portion of its clientele includes car companies, specifically American made.
Like most mystery shopping companies the benefits for a stay-at-home parent are pretty simple. Taking your kid(s) shopping is as easy a task as your kids allow it to be.

Testing Out the Shops

For BestMark, I stuck to their non-car shops simply because I don’t have a car that fits into their requirements (i.e. right make or model). Most of the other shops are electronics retail, which means you go to an electronics store and ask questions about a specific product. Then you evaluate the sales person based on his/her understanding of the product.OLED TV
Baby girl actually did pretty well with these shops. I could put her on my hip and ask questions with no problem. If I’m holding her, she tends to cooperate a lot better.
The shop took about 30 minutes because I had to wait for someone to find me on the sales floor and then had to ask a bunch of questions to determine if he/she understood the product I was being sold. It took about 20 minutes more to fill out the survey. For $15 a shop, it’s not bad work.

Other Shopping Options

BestMark also has some phone and web shops that you can do, but the pay is significantly less, about $3 per shop. The upside is you can do it from the comfort of your home while the kids are running wild. The downside is it’s $3 for something that’s going to take about 30 minutes of your time including the shop and then the reporting of it.
Pasta and Wine.jpegOther than car and electronics shops, there’s one other shop that comes around occasionally, food. I love these and I actually tried one. While I didn’t get paid, I did get reimbursed $50 for my meal and I got a nice dinner with my husband. Double bonus!
Like most mystery shops, the reporting needs to be done immediately, within 24 hours of conducting the shop. BestMark’s website is pretty easy to report on, though if you do it through your phone, the text is small and hard to read.

Bottom Line

The pluses:
  • There are plenty of shops in my area.
  • The shops are fairly easy to complete quickly.
  • Sometimes you get really good shops like a free dinner at a nice restaurant.
  • If you have a car that fits the requirements, you can get reimbursed on things like oil changes and tire rotations.
The minuses:
  • Like most mystery shopping companies getting paid takes forever.
  • If you don’t have a car that fits the company requirements, there aren’t many shops for you.
  • Sometimes a BestMark representative will call you to do a shop. I find it a bit intrusive, but other people may not mind.
Overall, mystery shopping for BestMark is kid-friendly and good pay. Plus you occasionally get that bonus dinner that’s extra special if you can get a sitter.
Side note: If you have an older teenager, BestMark sometimes has shops that use them as well. Those shops consist of the underage teen trying to buy an MA-rated video game without showing ID.

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