intellishop logoLike all mystery shopping companies, Intelli-shop pays you to give honest reviews of specific shop locations. The one thing I’ve found in testing out these companies (Market Force, BestMark and Sinclair Customer Metrics) is that each one has a niche market that they service.

Featured Shops

For Intelli-Shop that niche appears to be late night munchies. About 60% of the shops currently on my job board belong to one major fast-food chain. You receive $8 to complete the mystery shop, but no reimbursement. Your reward is a free meal and the remainder of whatever you don’t spend of the $8.
There are some rules. You have to order specific items from the menu and you have to get photos of the drive-thru and inside the store.
I personally have not done one of these shops because I’m in my 30’s and those extra pounds don’t melt off the way they used to. However, if you’re a young mom or dad who still has a working metabolism or the parent of a child that eats like an adult, then Intelli-Shop may be the company for you.

Testing Out the Shops

While I have not done the fast food shop, I have done other shops that are just as easy to complete with kids. One was at a comic book shop where I was supposed to see if a store would sell me a comic book before its release date.
That shop required a few surreptitious photographs and a good memory of the layout of the store.
Shopping Mall.jpegAnother was at a shopping mall where I had to test out the valet parking and basically all the amenities of the mall. It was easy with baby girl in the stroller. I had to stay at the mall for more than an hour, but I spent a good amount of that time filling out the questionnaire on my cell phone, so there wasn’t much extra time on the back end.
I received $45 for that shop as well as reimbursement for the valet parking.
Each shop needs to be reported within about 24 hours of completion. In the case of Intelli-shop, I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to complete the review forms on your mobile phone.

One Big Problem

There was one major problem with the company. Payment. You cannot be paid until your social security number is verified. I waited three months and still wasn’t verified. That’s when I contacted the company.
I emailed once and received no response, so I emailed again a few days later. Intelli-shop was very apologetic and happy to help. Turns out it was a problem involving the system that verifies social security numbers.
Following my email, I received a series of emails from Intelli-shop including one from the COO. All of them promised to push out payments regardless of social security verification.
Sorry Email IntellishopTrue to their word, I received payment soon after.

A Rating System

Intelli-shop rates you on a scale of 1-10 for all of your shops. If you’re very descriptive and provide all the asked for information, then you get a 10. If they need to ask you for more information, you get a lower score. The lowest score I’ve received so far is 8 out of 10.
I really like the scoring process because then you see what went wrong and what to improve on. You have the ability to fix an issue, like submitting a photo, before the company decides to reject your shop. I appreciate the honesty.

Bottom Line

The pluses:
  • The pay is pretty good, in some instances, more than most.
  • There’s a good variety of shops, a little different than what you find with other companies.
  • Honest and open communication.
The minuses:
  • The response time is a little slow.
  • Payment takes time, but that seems to be par for the course.
  • Some of the shops I did would have been better suited for Spanish speakers, but that wasn’t indicated on the shop details.
Overall Intelli-shop is like the other mystery shopping companies in that it’s easy to do with kids. While response time is slow, the open communication went a long way toward putting me at ease and trusting the company.

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