SliceThePieSlice the Pie is great in theory. It’s a website that pays for your opinion on things like brands, commercials, music and fashion. If your opinion is well written and well thought out, the site will pay you more. Trouble is, you’re dealing with such small amounts that it will take you forever to get anywhere.
During my short time as a Slice the Pie member I posted 25 reviews and earned a total of $0.74. That’s right, less than a buck and it’s not even money I can access. You have to earn at least $10 before you’re allowed to withdraw your money!

How it Works

If this hasn’t dissuaded you yet, here’s how it works. Opening an account is easy, just offer up your email address and a little personal information (this is, after all, a data collection company).Nothing to Review Slice the Pie
Once you sign in, you can start reviewing. You start out as a zero-star reviewer, which means your reviews are worth a penny each. You choose from a number of topics including:
  • Brands – You offer your opinion on a specific brand including how it makes you feel and “if this brand were a person, what kind of personality would it have?”
  • Commercials – You watch a commercial and use a meter to track how each part of the commercial makes you feel (i.e., happy or angry).
  • Music – You listen to at least 90 seconds of a song and then say what you like and don’t like about it.
  • Fashion – I haven’t seen any of these available yet, but I assume you evaluate fashion.

How to Make Money…or Not

If your reviews are well-worded and descriptive, your star rating will go up. If you do really well, you get five-stars! But don’t jump for joy just yet because those five stars mean you get a nickel for every review you do!
You can see where making money is difficult and time-consuming. I evaluated brands, watched commercials and listened to music to make my $0.74. The brand evaluation was the worst because it was completely arbitrary but required a lot of typing. The music evaluation was the best because you could say things like, “I like the rhythm” or “I can’t stand the lyrics”.
Slice the Pie Final Earnings
Each evaluation took between two and five minutes to complete which means I spent about 75 minutes completing all of my evaluations. Break that down to an hourly rate and I’m earning $0.59/hour.
Enough said.

Bottom Line

The pluses:
  • Evaluating the music was fun because I got to hear new songs and completely tear apart songs I didn’t enjoy. The evaluations were also the easiest to complete.
The minuses:
  • You earn practically no money.
  • You need to make $10 before you can cash out. At my rate of completion, that adds up to almost 17 hours of reviewing.
  • Your review can be rejected for the most arbitrary reason.
  • There’s no rhyme or reason to your star rating. I did 10 reviews and went up to a five-star rating, but two reviews later I went down to three-stars. I never received an explanation.
If you care, this job is easy to do with kids in the room. Some of the music has inappropriate lyrics so use headphones, but other than that it’s kid-friendly.
Slice the Pie isn’t my first recommendation for a site that makes you pennies per task, for that I would suggest Amazon’s MTurk.

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