Inbox Dollars LogoEvery website I looked at told me InboxDollars is the way to go to earn money from home. They all said answer surveys and make cash. Oh yeah, and click here to sign up.

The hidden message, help us make affiliate money. (Note this link and the one above will help me make affiliate money, so if you want to ignore my review, go ahead and click so I can make a little cash on the side.)

I personally don’t mind those pitches…IF the site is actually worth it. My vote on this one, skip the hassle.

Getting Started

Download the app and then sign up. It’s easy enough. You answer a bunch of survey questions because a company like InboxDollars is all about gathering your information.

That’s all you need to do to start making money.

Making Money with Surveys

Once you’re in, it’s pretty easy to make money. I received $0.25 for signing up.

I took a series of surveys, most of them looking at my buying habits. For each survey, you have to answer a series of screening questions before you take the survey. If you pass the screening and you take the survey, you receive the amount promised for completing the survey. If you don’t pass the screening, you get a token. I’ll explain a little later.

It’s arbitrary when it comes to the amount of time for a survey–anywhere from 4 to 30-plus minutes. The pay for each survey varies as well–$0.25 to as much as $2.50.

In total, I made just over $8 in survey money, though I did spend about four hours earning that money.

Other Money Making Options

Spin & ScratchIf you fail the screening, then you receive a spin token that you can take to Billy’s Spin & Win. Once there, you can win things like money–as much as $5–scratchers or nothing at all. You only get so many spins in a day, so use your tokens when you get them.

I made $0.10 from spins. I made $0.02 from scratchers. I made $0.05 from answering a random daily question.

Total Earnings

As of this morning, I have made a grand total of $8.72 and I spent about 6 hours earning that money.

I can’t cash out until I reach $30 so that money is just going to sit there. If you think about it, that means I’ve really earned a grand total of $0.

Bottom Line

The Pluses:

  • I can do it at home.

The Minuses:

  • It would take me days, literally days, in order to make enough money to cash out.
  • All of this is data mining. I hate giving out my information.

This is kid-friendly and can be done at midnight or naptime. Of course, at the rate you earn money, your time would be better spent doing something like microtasks on Amazon’s MTurk.

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