Field Agent is a micro jobs task for the parent on the go.

I know you opened this thinking, tell me more about that adult scavenger hunt! I’ll get there in a minute. First, some background.

Field Agent is another micro jobs app along the lines of Easy Shift App and GigWalk. Just like the other two, you sign up for tasks and then complete them in the given time.

Getting Started

Signing up is easy. You download the app and answer a few questions. When you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’re ready to go.

Browsing Jobs

Field Agent job categories. Ticket jobs, Customer Service Jobs, Audits, Real Estate Audits, General, etc.

Field Agent is set up a little differently from the apps I just mentioned. While there is a map function, the app really works in a list format. Jobs are categorized and listed out with the pay next to them. There’s also a distance marker so you know how far that job is from where you’re located.

What I really like about Field Agent is the job categories. They help you choose the jobs you like and skip the ones you don’t.

The categories include:

  • Audit – Go to a store and take pictures of a display, such as sunscreen.
  • Buy ‘n’ Try – Buy a specific product, try it out and report back.
  • Purchase Required – Buy something and report back on the customer service you receive.
  • Customer Service – No purchase needed, but you still need to evaluate the customer service you receive, hence the name.
  • General – Defined in the app as “a little bit of everything”.
  • Ticket Jobs – You don’t earn money with these, but tickets for a drawing at the end of the month. These are short questionnaires, anywhere from one to five questions long.
  • Real Estate Audit – Take pictures of real estate, but no trespassing.

Scavenger Hunt

IMG_2539There’s one more category in Field Agent, but I felt like it deserved its own section. The Scavenger Hunt.

Field Agent gives you limited details, a partial name, the store it’s MOST LIKELY sold at and a UPC code. Your job is to find the item and take pictures of it.

The payout is good. $6.50 per item as of this writing.

It’s also super hard to do. I’ve looked and have yet to find one item.

Completing A Job

While I have not finished Scavenger Hunt, I have done other tasks on Field Agent.

Reserving a task is tough because you usually only have two hours to complete it.

I have done a couple audits so far and my one big criticism of the app is that Field Agent forces you to walk through an audit step by step. While it’s supposed to be helpful, it’s not well mapped out.

I ended up taking a photo of a display, moving on to another part of the store and then having to backtrack when questions about that initial display came up later in the task. Not an efficient use of time.

Once you’ve submitted your task, your Field Agent account is credited. There is no automatic payment, so you have to push the money yourself.

The pay for tasks varies. I’ve seen everything from $2 to $9. It all depends on what you do. Many of the purchase required tasks will offer reimbursement, however.

The Bottom Line

One of the Field Agent jobs offered on the app is the Scavenger Hunt. You're given limited information and sent out to find the item anywhere you can.

Overall, I like Field Agent. Like other apps of its kind, you can do easy tasks and make pretty decent money.

The Pluses:

  • The pay is good for what you do.
  • It’s well organized. It’s easy to find tasks that suit you.
  • Plenty of jobs to go around.
  • Uh…scavenger hunt!

The Minuses:

  • Short turn around time, sometimes just two hours.
  • Actually completing the tasks is harder than it needs to be.
  • No automatic payment.

Field Agent is baby and kiddo friendly. Which is really the key in most of my reviews. Pay wise, it’s decent. I suggest using it when you’re already at Costco or Walmart stocking up for the week. I don’t suggest using it as an add-on to errands you’re already doing.

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