Rewardable: Zero Reward Here

Rewardable is an app designed to help you earn money by checking in at local stores and making purchases.

In my search for new apps to help me earn money, I came across Rewardable. It’s supposed to be comparable to two of my favorites, Easy Shift App and Field Agent.

Trust me, it’s not.

Getting Started

As with most apps, getting started is easy. Create a login, answer a few questions and you’re ready to start.

Earning Money

Once I was logged in, I was greeted with a page of tasks. Basically surveys I could fill out to earn acorns.

Acorns are apparently a way to confuse you about how much you’re getting paid. For instance, I filled out a survey about myself for 10 acorns. When you convert those to real-world money, I made a penny.

Rewardable review. Check into local shops and earn cash. Places like Safeway, McDonald's and Walgeens work with Rewardable.

I would talk about other ways to earn money on Rewardable, but they might make you cry. I watched 90 seconds of suggested “Daily Dozen” video and earned nothing.

I had the option of “Checking In” at a McDonald’s 8 miles from my house, but decided not to since I would only earn me a penny.

See where this is going?


In total, I made a penny. I kept this app on my phone for more than a month, hoping something else would pop up, but nothing did.

The site claims to have earned users millions of dollars, but I can’t see how.

The Bottom Line

I usually do pluses and minuses here, but there’s really no point. It’s possible that Rewardable is super for someone that lives in Florida or Massachusetts or Ohio where there might be more options for earning money or acorns, but I can’t be positive.

Bottom line. Skip this one.

(If you’ve had a different experience with Rewardable, by all means, tell me. Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.)

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