Mobee review. A micro tasks app that works its worker bees hard.I’ve tried a handful of micro-task apps now and each one has a different way to try and keep you interested. Mobee is no different.

Getting Started

Like most apps these days, sign up is easy.

Download the app.

Create an account.

Allow location sharing.

You’re good to go.

How It Works

In Mobee, you’re a worker bee looking for honey points. Each honey point is worth about a penny.

Mobee uses a map to let you know where missions are and how close they are located to you. It also shows missions that are coming soon.You look at the map and find out where the points are located. Orange dots mean the mission, as they call it, is activated. Gray dots mean a mission is coming soon.

When you select a mission, you are given details such as location, store hours, honey points you can earn, how long the mission will take, how many photos you need and how many questions you need to answer.

While this sounds good, the app can be misleading. One mission I looked at would take 10-15 minutes, require 1-6 photos and 2-28 questions. That’s a huge range!

When you complete all the items in your mission, you get your honey points.

Completing A Mission

To truly test the app, I did a mission.

My assignment, check out the smoke alarms and CO2 detectors at my local hardware store.

The whole task took about 15 minutes, required a couple of photos and about 15 questions. The payout was 175 honey points.

Mobee has achievements that allow you to earn extra honey points. It's like getting a bonus for working hard.I did the task and was surprised when I received an extra 100 honey points for completing my first mission. I love achievements!

My one problem with Mobee is you do not receive a clear picture of the mission. In another mission, I tried to mystery shop a beauty supply store.

Because I did not have the whole picture before I went into the shop, I ended up taking pictures, asking a store associate a question and then stand around looking awkward until the associate left to take more pictures.

Because I was trying to be a “mystery” shopper, I ended up circling back to sections and avoiding sales associates. I’m pretty sure they thought I was a shoplifter.

I felt weird and I’m sure I looked weird too.

Getting Paid

Most of the missions I saw paid 150 to 350 honey points. Or $1.50 to $3.50. I’ve seen ones that pay 1,000 honey points, but I imagine those go quickly.

Mobee allows you to redeem your honey points to places like Starbucks, Target, iTunes, eBay and Dunkin' Donuts. You can also redeem the points for gifts to charity.Once you get enough honey points, you can cash them in for gift cards to places like Target, Starbucks, Amazon and iTunes.

Mobee also does something pretty cool and allows you to donate your points to charity. For example, you can donate $5 to the Ronald McDonald House for 350 points. Which means the gifts to charity are discounted on your end.

I have not earned enough yet to redeem.

The Bottom Line

Mobee is a little tougher to do with kids than Easy Shift App because it’s a combo of photos and questions and sometimes interactions with sales associates. Anyone with kids knows, the longer and more intricate something is the harder it is to do with kids around.

There may be some Mobee missions that are easy to do with kids, but I have not found one.

The pluses:

  • The theme. I like the idea of being a bee and hunting for honey points.
  • Achievements. You get bonuses for reaching certain goals, such as first mission completed. Plus you get a little medal in the app!
  • Charity. Mobee actively tries to promote giving back, which I love.

Mobee tells you about the mission before you accept it, but the details are broad. 1-6 photos required and 2-28 questions is a huge range!The minuses:

  • The pay. Average pay is less than $2 for a 15-minute mission. That’s a $6/hour rate which is much less than apps like Easy Shift App or Field Agent.
  • Cashing out. This is not automatic payment. You have to have the right number of points to trade in for a gift card. If you have leftover points, you have to leave them until you have enough points for the next gift card.
  • Missions aren’t well described. The number of photos needed and questions to answer are given in ranges. That makes it tough to fully understand what you need to do.
  • Missions can be tough. Such as the mystery shop I was supposed to do at a beauty shop for 150 honey points. I felt like an idiot and I was probably pegged as a shoplifter because I could only do what the app told me to at that moment.

If you’re just doing this for the fun, Mobee can be done with older kids and young ones if you can stick them in a cart or stroller. The pay isn’t really comparable to other micro-task apps, so if money is an issue, choose Easy Shift App or Field Agent instead.

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