Sweatcoin review. The app pays you to take a walk, but there are some serious flaws. Sweatcoin has some work to do before I can truly recommend it.The idea that I could walk my way to extra income is amazingly appealing. Imagine getting paid to simply take your kids to the park for an hour or taking the family out for a walk in the evening!

That’s the idea behind Sweatcoin. Trouble is, it is not executed well enough to work.

How It Works

I have an iPhone, so Sweatcoin tracks my steps by hooking up to the Health App on my phone. When I walk, those steps are recorded. Once I hit 2,000 steps, they are sent to Sweatcoin for verification.Sweatcoin review. The app tracks your steps through the Health app on your iPhone. Trouble is it will only track outside steps, not ones that you take indoors.

The company is very up front about the fact that its algorithm is still working out some kinks. Steps I take inside are not tracked. So those 25 steps between my computer and my kitchen do not count.

Sweatcoin filters out those indoor steps and then converts the steps into payment in the form of Sweatcoins. For every 1,000 steps you take you’re paid 1 Sweatcoin (less a 5% fee) which totals out to .95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps.

Getting Started

Signing up was simple. You allow GPS tracking and use your cell phone number for text authentication. You also input your email address.

Once that’s in, just start walking.

Where Sweatcoin Fails

Perhaps I found Sweatcoin too soon in its development, but the flaws in the algorithm are massive.

Yesterday, I took 9,979 steps. Only 3,404 of those cSweatcoin review. Of the almost 10,000 steps I took in one day, Sweatcoin only accepted one-third of them.ounted as Sweatcoin steps because the rest happened inside. My walk for the day was inside the mall because it was too hot outside. While I didn’t really lose money, I felt like I did.

I have used the app for a week now and earned a grand total of 23.97 Sweatcoins because a great many of my steps have been canceled out.

Getting Paid

Which leads me to the problem of getting paid. You can only redeem the Sweatcoins for certain items and usually, that’s not cash.

If I have 20,000, I can get $1,000 in Paypal Cash. There are no smaller increments of payout. Since I have earned 23.97 Sweatcoins in a week, it would take me 834 weeks to earn enough to make $1,000!

As of this writing, I can redeem my Sweatcoins for music, audiobooks, live photo prints and acai (I don’t know what that is). I can also change my lifestyle with “Minimalism Life”, but I don’t know what that is either so I’ll pass.

I have no need for any of those and will sit on my Sweatcoins.

The Bottom Line

Sweatcoin review. Sweatcoin is always running, which can be a drain on the battery.One issue I have not mentioned is that Sweatcoin must be open at all times and running in the background. That’s a major battery drain!

The pluses:

  • This is a passive money maker. Walk and forget it.
  • You can do it with the kids.

The minuses:

  • You need A LOT of Sweatcoins to redeem for the good stuff.
  • Not all steps are equal.
  • It’s a battery drain on the phone.

Overall, Sweatcoin is something you can do with the kids and it’s a passive income earner. Those are the only reasons I will give this app a very, very slight thumbs up.

I’m a stockpiler by nature, so I’m going to stockpile my Sweatcoins to see if they eventually earn me something useful. But I am very aware that I probably will never earn anything from this app.

If you’ve used the app or have questions drop me a comment below! I’d also love to know if you’re one of the very select few who have made 20,000 Sweatcoins.

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