YouGov is a survey site that pays you to answer surveys. It looks at your political opinions as well as shopping habits.Writer’s Note: Irony of all ironies, I’ve been having trouble posting lately because it’s summer and my son is out of school. Anyone that thinks having two kids to wrangle is only slightly harder, obviously never had children. The point is, I apologize if I have not posted as much. I’m still looking at side hustles and still trying to make it work.

I spend a lot of time looking upside hustles and a lot of those Google searches lead me to survey sites. I’ve tried a few so far (Inbox Dollars, yuck) and as far as I can tell, taking surveys is a legit though extremely slow way to make side money.

The latest test drive was with YouGov, which asks more intelligent questions than the average survey site.

Getting Started

This sign up process is a little more intense than most. All survey sites want to know your personal information, but this one goes a little more in-depth. I was asked some of the basics: my year of birth, first and last name (I only provided the last initial), ethnicity, state and zip code, gender, and my highest level of education. Those are fairly common.

I was also asked if I’m registered to vote in the U.S. Did I vote in the last presidential election? Who did I vote for? I tend to hate revealing this kind of information, but YouGov sells survey results to political campaigns so I understand why it’s asking.YouGov survey site review. YouGov asks a lot of personal questions about you, your political opinions and shopping habits. Surveys vary, but can include questions about controversial issues.

Earning Points

After filling out the extensive sign-up questionnaire, I earned 2,000 points.

I was asked to do a test run of a new survey system and in two-minutes, I had 100 points more in my account.

That’s when things slowed down.

I currently receive about one survey every other day, with no real option to take more surveys. The pay for each survey ranges from 500 to 2,000 points depending on how in-depth and personal the survey is.

I got paid more when I was asked about my opinion on controversial issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc.YouGov review. The goal is to earn 25,000 points so you can redeem them for a gift card. Cards available include Amazon, Nike, Foot Locker, Michaels, CVS

Making Money

In YouGov, the goal is 25,000 points. That’s when you can redeem for a $15 gift card to Amazon.

If you wait until you have 30,000 points, you can redeem for a $25 gift card to places like Foot Locker, Nike, Michaels and CVS Pharmacy.

I’m close, but it took me 4 hours and 1 minute to get there.

Bottom Line

The pluses:

  • The surveys are more intellectually stimulating than other sites.

The minuses:

  • Wow, it takes a long time to earn $15.
  • They want a lot of personal information.

Like most survey sites, this is something you can do with kids of any age. It works on the computer and on a smartphone so you can do it anywhere too.

I like YouGov because it asks smarter questions than most survey sites. It makes me think, which makes it feel more productive than it actually is. And that’s the problem with most survey sites. 4 hours, even spaced out over a few weeks is a lot of time to spend just to earn $15.

Have you ever tried YouGov? Do you have a survey site you think I should review next? If so, drop a comment below!

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