Trim Review Does the app really trim your bills money savingWhen you search the internet for side hustles and ways to save money, people start tracking you. So, my Facebook and internet searches tend to be filled with new ads for side hustles and ways to save money. One of the companies that does a lot of advertising is Trim.

The idea behind Trim is a little tough to explain because it actually does a few different things. The company advertises its ability to save you money on your bills.

It does that.

However, it also monitors your checking and credit card accounts for things like double payments, subscriptions you don’t use, and other payment oddities.

Getting Started with a Trim Account

Signing up for Trim was fairly easy. The company asks for your name, email address, and tells you to create a password. That’s pretty standard.

When you create the account, you can link your Facebook page or get an SMS message. I opted for the SMS and received a text with a login code.

trim review ask trim bill saving money saving
Trim will ask to link to your bank accounts in order to help you save.

From there, the questions get a little security sensitive. If you’ve read my security and safety tips for side hustles, then you know I’m not a big fan of giving out personal information, especially to things like my bank account. Trouble is, Trim needs my bank account information in order to do its thing.

I have a second bank account that I use just for side hustles (also mentioned in that security post) and so I used my Capital One account. I was sent a second verification code from Capital One to approve the connection between the two accounts.

Other optional questions you’ll get asked are a date of birth, credit score, city, and pre-tax income. Trim uses all this information to help you make sure your accounts are lean, mean, money-saving machines. I personally don’t want that, so I skipped entering that information.

How It Works – How Does Trim Figure Out Where to Save?

trim review ask trim money saving
Trim will follow certain guidelines that you put in place to make sure it negotiates the bill properly.

Once I inputted all the information, I linked up my cable bill just to test things out. By putting in my login information for my cable company, Trim was able to examine my bills and determine if I could save money. I told Trim I wanted all services to stay the same and it went to work negotiating my bill.

That’s all the work I had to do.

Saving Money with Trim

When I started the program I was paying just over $220 for cable TV, internet, and very basic phone service. Through some behind the scenes finagling that I’m not entirely clear on, Trim has cut that bill just under $198. That’s a savings of $22 every month!

When it initially struck the deal, it also got me a $60 credit. Double score!

Part of the deal with Trim is because it does the work, it gets a cut of the annual savings. 33% to be exact. Once the deal was in place, Trim charged my credit card about $30. I have not been charged since, though Trim says it will continue monitoring my bill.

So far, my savings have outweighed what I paid out.

Other Things Trim Does for Customers

When I signed up for Trim, all I wanted to know about was the savings on a bill. That’s why I only operated with the cable bill. However, I think Trim really makes its money with other services.

The company offers to make automatic transfers every week to a Trim account that will earn you interest. It will help you find home and car insurance, or get a credit card or pay off debt.

trim review ask trim money saving budgeting
Trim will help you save, negotiate your bills, pay off debt and help you budget among other things.

If you give it your actual bank account (again, I do not recommend) it will monitor your transactions and help you set up a budget.

The point is, Trim is designed to help the less financially savvy, get financially savvy.

The Bottom Line (or How Do I Feel About Trim?)

Setting up Trim is going to take a little time and concentration, so it’s something I recommend you do when you’ve put the kids to bed. It’s not a huge amount of time, but it certainly takes longer when there’s a toddler tapping at your keys. After that, it’s set it and forget it.

The Pluses:

  • It saves you money! I’ve saved $74 after you take out the $30 that Trim charged my credit card. That’s not a bad deal for something I haven’t touched since the initial sign up!
  • Security seems adequate. When it comes to my personal and financial information, I like to err on the side of caution. Trim sends me a security SMS verification code every time I try to log in. That definitely makes me feel more secure.
  • You get out what you put into it. I’m getting exactly what I want out of Trim. If I were looking to get more, such as budgeting or savings help, I have every confidence I would get that as well.

The Minuses:

  • It needs to know A LOT about you in order to work properly. We’re talking access to your bank accounts, credit cards, and access to every bill you’re trying to save money on.
  • It keeps messaging me to try and get me into other services, though I will admit it’s not as annoyingly frequent as some of the other companies I have tried.
  • While it’s fix it and forget it, it’s very easy to forget it. One of the things Trim is supposed to do is help you trim out those subscription services you no longer use, but who trims Trim?

Overall, I love the savings, especially when I don’t have to do much work on the backend. I like that Trim kept my exact account settings yet still managed to save me money.

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