Lucky Day Review LogoWhen it comes to free stuff I’m happy to do a little work or play just to get it. I’m even happier if I get to play to do it. It was the play part of it that initially drew me to the Lucky Day app.

Getting Started

Signing up for the app was really easy. Just create a user name and password and then start scratching. No other information is required.

How the Lucky Day App Works

The concept of Lucky Day is pretty simple too. Scratch scratchers and win prizes. That’s it.

On virtually all of the scratchers, you’re going to lose out on the big prize, but you’ll always get a bonus prize, usually in the form of bonus tokens. Those bonus tokens can be cashed in for prizes or cash.

In between every three to four scratches, you’ll be forced to watch a 15 to 30-second advertisement. It’s how Lucky Day makes its money and it’s the price of playing for free. I tried skipping the ads, but that’s not an option.

Making Money with the Lucky Day App

Which leads me to how you make money. You don’t.Lucky Day Review Rewards

Every scratch will get you at least 1,000 bonus tokens, some lucky ones will get you cash. Trouble is, you can’t access that cash unless you $10 banked or more. I have been playing off and on for the past four months and have a grand total of $2 banked. At this rate, it’s going to take me a year and a half to make $10.

The other way you make money or in this cash prizes is by cashing in your bonus tokens. Three million–yes, I said million–tokens will get you some strange, crappy prizes. Hit the five million mark and you can start redeeming for gift cards. 5,500,000 tokens will get you a $5 Sephora gift card. That’s 1,100,000 tokens for every $1.

If I’m extremely unlucky and never receive more than 1,000 bonus tokens at a time, I would have to scratch off 1,000 cards just to achieve 1,000,000 tokens.

Bottom Line

Lucky Day Review ScratchersAll this leads me to my bottom line, I can’t imagine how anyone makes money off of Lucky Day. In fact, I’m not sure I can even fathom how Lucky Day makes money off of Lucky Day. This is mind numbing game playing at its worst.

The Pluses:

  • You don’t have to think, like, ever.

The Minuses:

  • The return on time investment is minuscule at best.
  • I can only scratch so much before I lose my mind.

One of my tests when I write reviews like this is can you do this with kids. Absolutely. In fact, if you don’t have qualms about giving your kids a gateway to gambling I would suggest you have them scratch things off and you find something better to do.

If you need suggestions for other side hustles involving games, try Fit Play or even better, PlayTest Cloud.

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