Fetch Rewards Review Scan Recipts Save Money ShoppingFetch Rewards is designed a lot like iBotta and to a lesser degree Shopkick. The idea is pretty simple, shop for your household goods, groceries, etc. and then earn points when you purchase from participating providers.

Piece of cake!

Getting Started with Fetch Rewards

Like most of these apps, starting out requires that you offer up a little personal information. Name, email, date of birth, phone number, gender, and the state you live in.

After that, there’s an intro to show you how Fetch works and then it’s up to you to get rolling on earning points.

How Fetch Rewards Works

Fetch Rewards Review Earn Points Buy Shopping ReceiptsSo how does it work? Just like you do in iBotta, you need to keep your receipts and take pictures of them. Fetch scans those receipts and documents what you purchased during your latest shopping excursion.

It breaks every item on your list down and then determines which ones earn you points.

Usually, you receive about 500 points just for scanning a receipt. Items on that receipt can earn you more points.

I earned 245 points for purchasing a pack of Oscar Mayer Bologna for my husband’s sandwiches. I earned another 50 points for buying two Lunchables (25 points apiece, limit 2) for my son’s lunch.

Fetch occassionally runs bonus points promotions, which means you get bonus points tacked onto your normal purchase points.

I’ve scanned three receipts so far and earned a total of 3,795 points.

I linked my Amazon account and made 1,100 more points.

In other words, without changing my shopping habits, it’s been pretty easy for me to earn points.

Making Money With Fetch Rewards

The points pile up until you’re ready to redeem them for gift cards and prizes. On Fetch Rewards, 1,000 points equals $1 in gift cards.

Fetch Rewards Review Earn Points Buy Shopping ReceiptsFor 1,000 points, all you can really do is enter yourself into a drawing for the possibility of winning a large gift card. It’s really not worth it when you realize that a few more points will get you actual money.

3,000 points will earn you a gift card. You can redeem the points for donations to causes like the American Cancer Society or Clean Water Fund. Or, you can redeem the points for $3 gift cards to stores like Amazon and CVS Pharmacy or restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts and Panera.

There are also 50,000 point gift cards that will get you a $50 gift card to those stores. The point is, stockpiling points won’t get you more money in the end. You might as well redeem when you can.

When you have enough points, you cash in. I did and was texted a code at the phone number that I used to register. It’s a security measure designed to keep people from stealing my $3 reward. I input the code and received my reward.

The reward pops up under My Rewards and is a redemption code. I used the code and it worked like a charm. I now have $3 more in my Amazon gift card balance.

Bottom Line

Fetch Rewards Review Earn Points Buy Shopping ReceiptsThe Pluses:

  • I earned money for just shopping like I normally do.
  • There’s a good variety of rewards.
  • I like that I can connect to my Amazon account and receive credit because I often buy dry goods like toilet paper from Amazon.
  • The app is very easy to navigate. Big icons, very little writing. It’s very intuitive.

The Minuses:

  • This is all about brand buying. I need to buy a specific item and a specific brand to get points. In iBotta, sometimes I can get away with just buying eggs, any brand, to earn.
  • It’s tracking me. After a few receipt uploads, it’s starting to make suggestions about what to add to my shopping list or what I might have bought in addition to the purchases I logged. It’s a little creepy.

Fetch Rewards is absolutely something you can do with kids of any age provided you can take those kids shopping. Like iBotta and Shopkick, all you really have to do is snap a picture of your receipt and then gather rewards.

I would suggest that you use Fetch alongside with iBotta because they seem to have different brands that work with them. I have noticed very little overlap between the two, so you might as well spend a minute more for the opportunity to save a dollar more.

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