Podcasts are the way I keep my sanity in the car. They’re my escape from most forms of reality and I almost always opt for the ones that are going to make me laugh out loud.

Sure, I look silly, but at least I’m happy.

Getting Started with PodCoin

Starting out with PodCoin was super simple. You create a username and password and you’re ready to roll.

PodCoin wants you involved in its community, so it offers you extra PodCoin if you add a picture with your password. I hate tossing my photo around and I never take a good selfie, so I used a screenshot my daughter took in her game.

Suddenly, I have 110 PodCoins in my account.

How PodCoin Works

PodCoin pays you for listening to podcasts. I was skeptical at first because I was worried it would have a small library, but it’s packed!

I found all the podcasts I listen to and discovered some new ones.

PodCoin pays you 1 PodCoin for every 10 minutes you listen.

You can also earn bonus PodCoins through listening streaks. Listen four days in a row and suddenly you’re on a streak. That’s when you get paid 2 PodCoins for every 10 minutes you listen

Bonus Podcasts

There are also bonus podcasts within PodCoin. The bonus podcasts are featured at the top of the Discover page. For these podcasts, you receive 1.5 PodCoin for every 10 minutes you listen. If you’re on a streak, that bonus is bumped up to 2.5 PodCoin for every 10 minutes.

The bonus podcasts change all the time so keep an eye out.

Referral Bonus

The other way you get extra PodCoin is through referral bonuses. Tell a friend and if that friend signs up, you get 250 PodCoin in your account.

(Shameless plug: If you’re wondering, my PodCoin invite code is Erika6g9.)

Making Money with PodCoin

Let me start out by saying you will not get rich with PodCoin. It’s virtually impossible.

However, you can make money.

PodCoin can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Target, Amazon, and the Google Play Store.

The value to reward ratio increases the more PodCoin you spend. For example, 1,200 PodCoin will earn you a $2 Amazon gift card. If you save up and redeem 2,000 PodCoin you can get a $5 Amazon card.

PodCoin for a Good Cause

So PodCoin may not be the best way to fatten up your wallet, but it seems to be a great way to fatten up your soul.

The other way to spend your PodCoins is to give to causes. The app tackles things like world hunger, global warming, childhood cancer and clean water to name a few. It’s all the big ones with a wide enough spread so everyone can choose a cause that means something to them.

PodCoin go further when you give to causes. For example, one PodCoin will purchase 358 grains of rice in the End World Hunger Campaign or purchase 20 calories of pet food for rescued animals.

But Does PodCoin Really Donate to Charities?

I’m the kind of person that’s skeptical of promises, so I dug a little deeper.

According to a May press release by PodCoin, the company has donated tens of thousands of dollars to charities in 2019.

It’s also working with SweatCoin (another app I reviewed and was not a fan of) to fight childhood cancer.

I guess my point is, if it’s not a philanthropic app, it’s going to long lengths to tell a lie.

Is PodCoin Legit or is it a Scam?

I usually don’t do this section, although looking back I should probably start. The reason I think PodCoin is legit is because it’s created by a .com millionaire. When a guy puts his name behind something you have to figure that’s a good sign.

PodCoin was started out by David Cook, who started myYearbook.com with his brother Geoff and sister Catherine in 2005. What that tells me is that David has had success before, he probably knows what he’s doing.

The other reason I know this is legit is because you can’t make much money. Apps that promise you riches are probably too good to be true — like I found with Skillz.

PodCoin offers reasonable rewards for extensive time dedication.

The Bottom Line

And now to my favorite part of the review, the bottom line.

The Pluses:

  • I get paid to do something that I already do.
  • There’s plenty of podcasts to choose from and plenty more to discover.
  • I haven’t changed the way I operate listening to my podcasts, I’ve just changed the app I use.

The Minuses:

  • Wow, earning those PodCoins is slow.
  • I feel like a jerk when I opt to get $2 in Amazon gift cards instead of using that 1,200 PodCoin to purchase 429,600 grains of rice to battle world hunger.

Can You Use PodCoin with Kids?

You can absolutely use this app with kids and you may even find something you’ll enjoy listening to with your kids. Unless you’re like me.

The thing about podcasts is there are no censors. Anything goes, that includes foul language, talking about X-Rated situations, and other things you don’t want your kids exposed to just yet.

Some of my favorite shows have hosts that have horrible potty mouths.

So use PodCoin with caution. Listen to the podcasts first before you decide if they’re appropriate to listen to in the car with your kids.

If you can find one you like that’s PG, congratulations, you may have just rescued your sanity.

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